Gamut Gaming Group

We are all Gamers.

A cross-gaming group for gamers who just want to have a good time.

Gamut is not a [game of choice]-Guild. Gamut is a community where people can hang out comfortably... and also game together. In Gamut, the person comes first, the game second. Gamut strives to make its members feel comfortable and relaxed among friends (or at least pleasant aquaintances), avoiding the tension many of us gamers have to face every day.

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Gamut has three Big Rules, meant to promote and protect an atmosphere in which any member can feel safe, comfortable and relaxed. These rules are:

#1 Do not shame, attack or mock any individual or group who do not cause you harm for being who they are, and do not assume your views to be truer than other's just because they're conventional.
#2 You can talk about yourself however you want, but only yourself. If a term or phrase you use in reference to yourself still makes members uncomfortable, we ask you to consider avoiding that term in this specific space as a courtesy to your fellow members.
#3 Assume mistake, not malice if you consider a group member to have broken the rules, unless they make malicious intent clear. Equally, assume the desire to help, not malice if a group member points out a mistake, unless they do so in a hurtful manner.

You can find further explanations and examples for these rules on the forum.

The requirements for joining Gamut are:
a) that you have reached the age of majority in your place of residence, but at least 18
b) that you fill out the application here and are given a positive vote by at least three members with voting power.


Q. Is Gamut an MMORPG guild?
A. No, Gamut is a general gaming community. While the kick-off game for Gamut is an MMORPG (Guild Wars 2), Gamut strives to offer community in many diverse games, be it through MMORPG guilds, FPS clans, a Steam Group etc.

Q. Is Gamut an LGBTQ group?
A. Not specifically. Part of the basic philosophy behind Gamut is that respect and decency should be a given in any community. As such, Gamut chooses its members not by some specific attribute, but by the quality of their interaction with others. After all, even when a person belongs to a marginalised group, that person may still be oppressive or rude to people of other marginalised groups. However, through the very nature of its philosophy, Gamut is welcoming specifically to gamers who do not feel welcomed or safe in most 'mainstream' gaming groups, and that includes queer folks (most of us are).

Q. Why does Gamut have an application process?
A. While it seems counter-intuitive to inclusivity to deny or grant membership based an on application, there are sadly many gamers out there who promote attitudes contrary to what Gamut stands for. In order for Gamut to be the comfortable hang out it strives to be, these attitudes have to be recognized and avoided before they can show up in the group.

Q. Why does Gamut have its age requirement?
A. Gamut allows and encourages the mention and discussion of topics of a mature nature, including topics of sexuality or violence. While there is no doubt that many legal minors possess the personal maturity to face and discuss such topics, their legal guardians may not. In the hopes of minimizing possible conflicts with those individuals, Gamut asks its members to be legally responsible for themselves, which is in most cases achieved by reaching the age of majority. While there are countries with an age of majority below 18, a high number of Gamut's hubs are based in the USA. Thus, the minimum age has been decided to be 18, the lowest age of majority in the US.

Q. Do I have to join Gamut for a specific game?
A. Technically, you do not. You can apply to join Gamut even if you are not playing any specific game right now. However, playing games together is the main activity of Gamut members, so you will have a much higher chance to make friends and get yourself known if you are playing at least one game with Gamut on a regular basis.

Q. What happens if I stop playing the game I joined for?
A. Your membership with Gamut stays unchanged. Whether you start to play another game or take a break from gaming, once you are a member of Gamut, you stay a member of Gamut until you decide not to be.

Q. Does Gamut ever kick a member?
A. Gamut may kick a member for disruptive behaviour. (For example insulting other members after being asked to stop, repeatedly breaking rules, willfully attempting to damage Gamut's reputation etc.) Gamut does not kick members for inactivity or personal attitudes that are not expressed in a disruptive or harmful way.

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